Hi, Hello, My name is Lexy, I’m a twenty-something Beauty Therapist from London, but I’d rather that wasn’t my key identifier. I’m best known for my talents in drinking Gin (I capitalise the word ‘Gin’ because I want to give it the respect it deserves), uploading way too many Instagram photos of my dog, being an all-round bad influence on my beloved niece and providing vital entertainment for my non-single friends.

I’m on here to write about anything and everything. Never trying to provoke but I’m too lazy to proof read and check for offensive material. So my about me section is going to double up as a disclaimer of sorts.

I would like to start by making it clear that I do not, in any way shape or form recommend listening to my advice or thinking that any of my scribbled down opinions contain much substance. My problem is that I don’t think with my brain, nor my vagina, actually I don’t tend to think at all before I act/pitter patter away at my keyboard. Instead,  I act, with limited thought to achieve a maximum amount of joy for myself at any moment in time, aka I change my mind a lot and I’m completely selfish in my thought process. Jesus Christ I sound like that vile woman Katie Hopkins. So learn your lesson and don’t take my ‘wisdom’ to  heart. That is unless you want to land yourself in a lot of trouble fun.

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