Mother’s Day

What with it being Mothering Sunday I thought I’d do a short post dedicated to Mother appreciation.

Here’s 7 things to be thankful to Mum’s for.

1. Advice – From choosing on-point outfits for school discos at MK One and Etam in the 90’s to telling us straight if we look like a street walker before leaving the house in our 20’s.

2. Lodgings – The mothers who let their adult children still live with them, even though we really should have flown the nest buy now. Thank you for letting us eat all your food and spending most evenings quashing any chance of you romancing our  Fathers. We’re sorry for leaving too many cups in our rooms. We really are, but the struggle doesn’t end until we have our own children and move out.

3. Roast dinners  – The greasy brilliance of a roast when you’re hungover takes up a huge space in my heart. Every child knows that their mums is the best.

4. Love – For me it’s the little things that Goose (otherwise known as Lynn/Mum) does, for example she brings me a cup of tea most mornings. That gives me 5 mins extra in bed, do you know how much I love my sleep? She does.

5. Support –  My mum has supported me through my countless fuck ups, failures and general stunted adulthood and she has never once complained. This included my phase of drunk calling her and singing Earth, Wind and Fire – September at the top of my lungs when I first started going out at age 18. When I say phase, this lasted approximately three years.

6. Inspiration –  Our mums are or our main female role models, from them we learn what it is we want to become. Unfortunately for me, Goose seems to have got it all right, leaving me with the hard task of attempting to become her doppelgänger. Tough boots to fill.

7. Teaching –  Mothers are one of our key teachers, mainly in life lessons, matters of the heart and general behaviour. I learnt how to behave from my mother at a very young age when she came home from a night out with friends wielding a traffic cone that she’d stolen en route. Try as I might, I still haven’t topped that. Idol.

This post goes out to Goose. Thanks for always letting me eat chocolate for breakfast, the abuse I’ve faced from male friends because she’s a MILF, for treating me and my sister equally, even though I’m more likeable and just all round better than her, but most importantly for handing down her bitchin’ sense of style to me. A prime example of this can be seen when she put us in matching outfits followed by a fashion shoot inside a VOLCANO. Chic.


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